Kemp Dryer Parts & Service

The Frederick Logan Company, Inc. Has been associated with the C.M. Kemp Company

and there line of Air Dryers and Inert Gas Generators since 1947.

 From 1967 to the present Floco has supplied , installed and serviced thousands of these units nationwide and overseas. We offer full support from initial quotations through design, manufacture and field service to our customers.

Our dryer technicians are second to none in the business and are fully capable of working on any manufacturers dryers or inert gas generators. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you in getting your systems back on line and operating at optimal performance.

Frederick Logan Company offers all OEM parts for any equipment built by the C.M. Kemp Company. When calling for parts please have the equipment serial number, model number and either the part number or part description available to assure you that the correct part will be quoted and ordered.

Kemp Inlet & Outlet Valves,  Solenoid Valves, Moisture Analyzers, Moisture Probes, Heater Elements, Check Valves,

Pressure Gauges, Pre Filter Elements and After Filter Elements

Parts & Service Contact Info:

Jay Brassell – General Manager

Phone: 724-776-9300

Fax: 724-776-0355

E Mail:

 Floco offers Kemp Imported & American made desiccants.

Beaded Silica Gel, 4A Molecular Sieve, Activated Alumina’s.

Please specify which country of origin for desiccant quotes and orders.